Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mahabaleshwar - The Queen of Hills

I was just looking at the list of posts in this blog and I started wondering why I couldn't find a blog title with Mahabaleshwar, i sure did find a few tags with Mahabaleshwar however none of us really bothered to write a blog on Mahabaleshwar..

Maybe the regular destinations never featured high on our list as we were always looking for that destination which people rarely visited and more importantly was less crowded but the fact remains that the popular destinations are popular for a reason! 

Mahabaleshwar also has a tagline like most destinations in Maharashtra but the more interesting part is that many other destinations have Mahabaleshwar in ther taglines.
  • Dapoli - Mahabaleshwar of Konkan
  • Jawhar - Mahabaleshwar of Thane
  • Tapola - Mini Mahabaleshwar
thats the magnitude of the popularity of this destination..

Mahabaleshwar is amongst the most popular honeymoon destination in central India and as far as Maharashtra is concerned certainly ranks as number 1 honeymoon destination in Maharashtra!

As far as the place is concerned there is two parts of Mahabaleshwar - Old Mahabaleshwar and new Mahabaleshwar. Both these places are replete with awesome view points and in fact old and new Mahabaleshwar together have more than three dozen view points!

But if we had to choose between the two we would choose old Mahabaleshwar simply because of the Mahabaleshwar temple and the trekking options available in old Mahabaleshwar. If you are wondering whether we are going to list out the trekking routes, we are not because we ourselves dont know the names! Its better always to figure out a route for yourselves and its seldom a destination but the journey itself that makes your time worthwhile..!! 
If you are short on time and are not the exploring kinds then a few points that you shouldnt miss in Mahabaleshwar are
  • Elphinstone Point
  • Arthur's Seat
  • Kate's Point
There is lots to sea around Mahabaleshwar too. 20 Kms down the hill is another quaint hill station - Panchgani. The table land is an unique place to visit in Panchgani which is a vast plateau, which has been the location for numerous hindi movies especially in the 80s. On the other side of Mahabaleshwar is Tapola which is famous for the Shivsagar boat club. Tapola is also the base for Vasota Jungle trek. An offshoot on the way towards Poladpur from Mahabaleshwar is Pratapgad fort which is also worth a visit if you are on a long holiday to Mahabaleshwar. MTDC runs a 'Pratapgad darshan' bus service from Mahabaleshwar.

The best time to visit this hill station is just after the monsoons when all the hills around will be glistening green. Though monsoons are off seasons i personally love Mahabaleshwar during the rains when the whole place would be foggy and wet. If you are visiting Mahabaleshwar for its view points avoid monsoons.

Whenever Onaiza and I go to Mahabaleshwar she never misses out on scanning the numerous footwear stores here. Not really sure whats it with women and footwear or whether its just her who is obsessed with shoes! According to her you can get some good cheap sandals if you really scan through 'EVERYTHING' that is on display, be ready to bargain though.

As far as travelling to Mahabaleshwar is concerned there are luxury buses that ply between Pune to Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

For hotels in Mahabaleshwar you may visit the Mahabaleshwar hotels section of and if you want us to recommend one try Shree Enclave which is great if you are looking for a non intrusive alone time in this beautiful hill station in Maharashtra


  1. aww i have been here twice but it has been long time for both. i can only remember my last visit to mahableshwar and we stayed at hotel sunny which served thali system food all the times. its near the market area only.
    mahableshwar has its own charm and along with panchagani makes ideal holiday destination

  2. Hi
    Few more information on Mahabaleshwar would have helped....

  3. Hi..
    Vital informations like best time to visit and what to do n not do would have helped those from other states...

  4. @ Durga

    Thanks for the feedback.
    will keep your suggestions in mind while writining our next post..

  5. even I loved Mahabaleshwar for its rainy things...

  6. sir
    i m planing my trip to mahabaleshwar from pune, through bus . probably i ll be starting by early morning , nd i have to reach by evening 6. so please give me tips or suggestions for this journey.

    1. Hi Nandagopal
      A day trip to Mahabaleshwar 'by bus' will be very hectic. Mahabaleshwar is about 120 kms from Pune and it will take at least 4hrs to reach the place moreover if you have to return by 6pm you will have to leave Mahabaleshwar by 2 latest.
      In Mahabaleshwar probably you could visit the Lodwick point which is close to (new) Mahabaleshwar and also the market area.

  7. I was in immediate need of such detailed info and thanks to your post, I can now better plan my holidays and go ahead with it in a more confident manner.

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