Sunday, January 30, 2011

Panchgani - The Quaint Hillstation

In the past few months we visited Panchgani more than a few times thanks to getting you all information about new hotels and resorts. We now have more than half a dozen bungalows and resorts registered with us and the links to their websites have been uploaded in - around pune travel guide.

To be honest we hadn't given Panchgani a lot of importance probably because of Mahabaleshwar and Tapola two of our favorite destinat
ions. All this while when we had passed through panchgani the only place that we stopped was at mapros for the pizza and strawberry and cream. However our recent trips to Panchgani forced us to look at Panchgani in a different light.

Panchgani - a small town on the way to Mahabaleshwar with an unhurried relaxed charm adorning its strawberry farms, boarding schools and old British buildings is really an ideal destination to get away. Panchgani is one of the rare places that doesn't crowd anyone, yet engulf you in its own unhurried way and make you feel a part of the charm. A perfect place to be in for a romantic get away the place really has to be discovered on foot. Panchgani is set at the foot of five hills and is blessed with pleasant weather around the year. Stroll across the narrow walkways on a misty morning or while away at the bazaar - what ever that you want to do in a break free holiday!

anchgani, notwithstanding the sedate laid back vibe that it emanates is a also a destination for the adventure sports enthusiast. Panchgani is a pseudo head quarter for the parasailing activities in Maharashtra and the activity is conducted through out the year but for the monsoons. There are many trekking routes also near Panchgani including couple of forts perfect for trekking

Its no surprise to find people like Aamir Khan buying bungalows here. Its definitely not that they didn't know about Mahabaleshwar; i think the charm that this place has is just ideal that one would look for in a getaway in a hill station.

Coming to the resorts for who
we made websites, there are a few bungalows in panchgani and surroundings and also a few luxury resorts in panchgani The bungalows in panchgani like the Ridhi Bungalow and animish Bungalow are just ideal for families not to forget Wonder Woods one of the best resorts in panchgani and Sai Palace one of the most convenient amongst the panchgani hotels

Panchgani is a place that is definitely worth a visit and with the comfortable panchgani resorts and the panchgani hotels its easy to plan a trip to panchgani too!

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