Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mulshi - An Hour from Pune

We have been visiting Mulshi ever since I had come to Pune about a decade back and relly not sure how many times I have vieited this place. Anyhow this time around I had a different purpose. As you might know we are adding resorts and hotels near pune to - around pune travel guide and in lieu with that we had visited a few mulshi Hotels and resorts in Mulshi

Mulshi has some real great resorts and we visited two of them - Lakeside verandah and Camp Temgarh you could visit their website to know more details. Lakeside verandah is an erstwhile palatial bungalow of Naik Nimbalkar by the lake and offer some very beautiful views from the bungalow. Camp Temgarh is off Mulshi towards the Temgarh dam and Lavasa and is an off beat holiday resort. You would have to experience the place to feel the beauty of this resort. The food is also terrific after all their main business is catering - the Delhi Kitchen.

Anyways for the benefit of people new to Pune beginning to explore Pune, Mulshi is one of the first places you need to start with. Just about 40 Kms away from Pune its actually difficult to believe that such a beautiful place exists so near a city. Especially after monsoons this place turns out in its whole glory. Misty hills the beautiful lake and everything looks like a fairytale book's illustration.
the route that you need to take to get to Mulshi is 

 Pune => Chandni Chowk == Take the Paud Road == Pirangut => Paud => Crompton Greaves Training Centre => Mulshi 

The website for the Mulshi hotels Mulshi resorts 
Lakeside verandah -
Camp Temgarh -


  1. Is the place worth visiting during summer? Most people seem to visit this place during monsoon.

  2. well the place is better during and after monsoons but during summers also the place is nice for a weekend break..

  3. hi, we r about to visit this place (camp temgarh) n we are around group of 20 ppl... so hw it will be like is place enough for a big group n cleanliness...

  4. @ abhishek
    Camp Temgarh is big enough to host about lets say 40-50 ppl easily, yes its clean and the best part is the starters they serve...really yum!!
    have fun!!

  5. Hey appreciate your quick reply.. just 1 more thing, what we can do there as in is there waterfalls, dams or lakes nearby as we just can't stay indoor. I would like to have your last comment and adding info before we have a memorable time.

  6. @abhishek
    well there is no waterfalls as far as i remember..there is a small river..the temgarh dam and the reservoir and lavasa is like a 20 mins drive up from Temgarh..
    post a blog about your trip once you come back!!

  7. Are the beds and toilets very clean in lake side resort ?
    is the vegetarian food good at the lake side verandah resort ?
    any contact for this resort as no one responds on the email provided on their website ?

    please advise.

    1. Hi Nandini,

      I guess they have stopped entertaining guests at the lakeside property..they have another property near Temgarh take a look


    2. thanks so much for your swift response. Does this other place Camp Temgarh also have mountain bikes ?

  8. thanks for your swift response. we like the location for lakeside verandah as its close to lake and appears better than camp temgarh. does camp temgarh also have mountain bikes ?