Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Srivardhan – A Beach Rediscovered

Srivardhan Beach
shrivardhan beachShrivardhan is a small beach with black sands on the Konkan coast of India. About 110 miles from the place i live; Pune, Maharashtra Shrivardhan is a secluded place that usually dont feature in the itinary of the weekend traveller. Maybe because its not very commercialized and there aren’t many resorts or stay options on the beach apart from the one that we were headed to; Subhan beach resort. The road that we took from Pune was through the Tamhini ghats were we had some stunning vies of the valley.
Pune => Nulshi => Tamhini Ghats => Mangao => Morba => Shrivardhan
Shrivardhan is a beach about two miles in length with black smooth sands. Its relatively clean considering that its a fishing village and obviously a few dead fish on the beach is unavoidable. The water is very clean and more than swimming a walk in the water suits the mood of the beach.The flat beach is an ideal destination for a lazy weekend away from the drudgeries of everyday life.
The fishermen’s dock is one thing that shouldn’t be missed and the fish auction is a good time to catch the pulse of the place. Mr Nisar who runs the resort took us to the auction where we bought a few fish for the resort and some to take back home. A dolphin sighting ride in the boats is always possible which could make a memorable experience.
Harihareshwar and Diveghar two more popular beaches about 10 miles away from Shrivardhan on either sides and you could do a bit of temple hopping if you are in the mood to do that in these two places.
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