Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rajgad Trek – Escape into the Wilderness

Rajgad trekkingIt was a tiring week and i decided to take a break from it all and head to a place where i would not find anyone but me! It was easy to chose a destination as i was going on a weekday and the numerous forts that Shivaji Maharaj has built around the city remained deserted for most part of the week but for the weekend. So i zeroed in on Rajgad, yet again, and packed my tent and bag and left on my honda activa!
Amongst the options for trekking in pune Rajgad is definitely one of the favourite options.
I had been to Rajgad  more than half a dozen times and each time i have had some thing new to explore, be it the little climb up the bale killa or a trek down the suvela machi.
camping near puneSituated south-west of Pune at about a distance just above 60km, this fort commands the Bhuleshwar range. Rajgad is surely one of the most alluring treks and has spell bounded many trekkers with its mammoth size, sky touching height(4600 ft.) and wide spread.There are four to five different ways to reach Rajgad, one of the easiest way is via Vajeghar-Pali which i took again!
This time i decided to camp in suvela machi and a night alone under the zillions of stars was well worth the trek up!


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  2. I did this trek with my 12-year old son last week while I was on a short vacation to Pune. It was definitely a challenging trek and we both enjoyed it - even though I felt it was too tiring (and a bit dangerous) for my son.