Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toranmal - A little known Hillstation..

I never imagined i would ever write this blog..

when we had visited Toranmal a few years ago we had vouched that we would neither speak about this place to anyone or write about it. Toranmal was/is a place with practically no tourists and nature at its sublime best. Commercialization wasn't a word heard of in this part of the country i suppose. This little hamlet in northern tribal belt of Maharashtra gave a feel of - Oh! my god i own this place!!

Now with puneritraveller.com and promises we make of bringing unknown and little known places to public attention i am forced to write this article. (not too sure whether i want to do it)..anyways..

Toranmal is a small plateau in the north-western part of Maharashtra bordering Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Toranmal is predominantly a tribal area and urbanization (i hope) is a distant threat.

Toranmal has several surprises strewn around all over the hill station. Yashwant Lake and the magnificent waterfalls of  Sita Khai are the primary attractions. Lotus Lake, Shiva Temple, Torna Devi Temple, Gorakhnath Temple, Kalapani Water Falls, Machhindra Cave, and the Forest Park are located at a small hikes distance from each otherl. 

Toranmal is truely a hikers delight. there are many trails midst dense foliage which leads to unnamed view points with great views of the valleys.

Toranmal is a long way away fom Mumbai or Pune and if you plan to visit this place..give it two to three days and also be prepared to do nothing but relax. Make sure you visit the place after monsoons to see the place in all its grandeur.