Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kihim - The Rocky Shores

Kihim - A stretch of pristine beach in Alibaug

Kihim is one of the most popular stretch of beach amongst the Alibaug beaches. At a distance of 12 Kms from Alibaug this stretch of beach with a rocky stretch on the northern side and an unending stretch of white sandy beach towards the southern end, Kihim is a beach that holds something for every one. The sunsets at Kihim is very beautiful with the Kanderi fort looming in the horizon and waves bathed in the twilight shades breaking against the rocks .

Shiv-ling at Kihim beach
The  Shiv-ling, which emerges out of the sea water on the Kihim beach during the monsoons is very famous and hundreds of pilgrims flock this beach during the month of shravan in Kihim.

Kihim Lake
Situated on the border of Kihim village, surrounded by suru trees from all the three sides with a small old Shiva temple is a very peaceful place. Boating facility is also available in the lake.

Sri Kankeshwar Mandir
Situated atop 900 feet high hill this 54 feet high Shiva temple built by Raja Ramdeorai Yadav is a popular destination near Kihim.  The temple complex comprises of small temples of Sri Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiva. The temple is well worth the 5000 feet long tiring climb.

Alibaug Beach and Colaba fort
Alibaug beach and the Colaba fort is just half an hour away from Kihim beach. Situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the shores of Alibaug Colaba fort is a very popular sea fort in the entire Konkan region.

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