Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bhimashankar - Memoirs of a Tragic Trip

Traveling not always is fun! At times things go so wrong that a trip can give you nightmares. For us Dahanu ranks as no: 1 in such destinations where things just repeatedly went wrong. Once on a trip to Dahanu we had to return midway from a bike trip thanks to incessant rain that started when we were in Lonavala which continued up till almost outskirts of Mumbai and the second time was shared with you all in the disaster in Dahanu post..

Bhimashankar was another such destination..

This story is from i think a zillion years back! (ps: exaggeration now is 'almost' innate in me, actually i think it was April 2007) We set out on a ride to Bhimashankar. I had built a picture of dense jungles and shekhrus, in fact i was also mentally prepared to face a leopard. 

The ride on the Nasik HW was fine and we took the deviation towards Bhimashankar a few kilometers before Narayangaon. The ride through the open fields and small villages on 'hindsight' was fun. It couldn't possibly have been a so for the sun beating us down all the way but all i remember of the ride is couple of shady trees by the road that we stopped by for a break! 

Once we reached Bhimashankar the whole area was so dry, and for a person used to jungles of Kerala, by no stretch of imagination could i call it a jungle! We visited the temple and had a darshan of the idol but what i remember more is the thick stench of charas the entire area was engulfed in.

Now coming to my point..

The point that i am trying to make  through this post is that unless you time your trip properly you are not going to have a lot of fun in your trip..

Bhimashankar is not a place to go in the summers unless you know what you are bargaining for, so is August not a month for a bike trip!

In fact i saw some amazingly beautiful pictures of Bhimashankar recently which made me think why i had such bad memories of that place which made me realize that almost always when things went wrong in a trip it was destined to go wrong thanks to the timing of the trip!

I was just the timing that was wrong and all along i was blaming the places! mia culpa!

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