Friday, June 3, 2011

Velneshwar - A secluded cove

This summer was a hectic affair for us traveling from one place to another bringing you hotels and resorts in various beaches around Pune.  Now that the monsoons is setting in I think its a good time to sit back and review the beautiful destinations that i was lucky enough to spend some quality time in!

Lets start with Velneshwar a secluded cove with a beautiful temple and an amazing beach. The beach is roughly just over a kilometer long. An arc with rocky ends at either ends. The beach is lined by coconut trees and the fine white sand beach makes it a postcard like picture.

Velneshwar Temple, is the primary landmark in Velneshwar, this ancient shiva temple like most other Shiva temples is frequented by devotees during the Maha Shivratri.

The Velneshwar beach itself is absolutely amazing and is a white sand beach with fine sand. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation away from the crowds then this is the place to head to.

Near by Attractions 
Hedvi 5 Km - a rocky sea shore, not really a beach, its a rocky stretch with a temple. You can walk around the rock and it offers some very beautiful views.

Guhagar 26 Km - This beach far more popular than Velneshwar and with far more tourist is a long stretch of beach. With few famous temples spotting the landscape Guhagar is more of a temple town.

Hotels and Resorts in Velneshwar
Jeevan Sugandh Beach Resort
A small, but clean resort overlooking the blue ocean. It also has a restaurant by the edge of the beach. The location is the biggest asset of the resort. For more details visit

Getting There

I had travelled to Velneshwar from Dapoli. From Dapoli a 37 km ride gets you to Dabhol. Ferry across the Dabhol creek to reach Veldurg. Guhagar is approx 15 km from here. Velneshwar is 26 Kms from Guhagar

From Pune

Pune - (pune Satara highway) - Bhor - Mahad - Poladpur - Khed - Chiplun - (Guhagar Route) Velneshwar

From Mumbai

NH 17 till Chiplun - (Guhagar Route) Velneshwar


  1. Very informative article. Would you have an idea about what kind of eating options are available there? Konkan would mean the bestest of Non-Veg options but is it easy for a Vegetarian to find some Pure Veg Restaurants there?

  2. Hi @ Kcalpesh

    Though it would be difficult to find 'pure' veg restaurants in Velneshwar all restaurants do serve home made veg food.. the veg thali at the jeevan sugandh restaurant is pretty good..

  3. Very informative article really ! As a matter of fact it's our "KULDAIVAT" kuldaivat means evry marathi bramhin family has one special gods or goddess ! so it's ours ! Beach , here is awesome ! Thanks guys for sharing ur experiences ! :)how Can we get a luxurious hotel in velneshwar , bcoz when we went their we did'nt find any gud stay there ! :D thanks again for sharing !

    1. you may try also now!!

  4. @ Girija

    apart from the jeevan sugandh hotels there is one Kinara beach house however that is also similar to Jeevan Sugandh..there also is one Previlege Resort which is a big property however we have never managed to contact those guys...their number never works!!